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Upload your .lp file:

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Script will be scanned for description and other information.

To indicate authorship put | by Your Name at the end of signature line.

E-mail and/or site will be extracted and obfuscated if you put them after your name.

To delete your script upload a file containing the word DELETE (upper case).


For new scripts you can use this string to edit (reupload) them in future.

For scripts with file names already present in the library this will be used to authorize complete overwrite (supposedly by the author).

Sample script
Lightpath 0.79 | Signature | by log1x (,
@RU koi8-r

Here goes preamble.
May be multiline.

== First section title ==
Contents. Multiline.

=== Subsection (optional) ===
Another contents. As many subsections as you want.
Title line may have just two == instead of three.

Liglis is free open-source PHP solution for hosting Lightpath scripts. It's completely open, has no registration or other cumbersome features.

You can download the sources and extract them into your public directory or a subfolder. After tweaking CSS styles and HTML templates it will just work.

No database or anything else is required except for PHP 5.3 itself. Just make sure to give write permissions for cache/ and data/ directories.

If you want to make it private then use your web server's capabilities to enable HTTP Authentication — for example, via AuthType Basic for Apache or auth_basic for nginx.

If you have questions feel free to drop by our forum.

☼ May you follow the light path ☼